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How to upload the Exported Root Certificate on Azure for Point to Site configuration

We have seen how to generate a Root certificate and export the certificate to Cer and stored it securely. Now we will look at how to install/upload this certificate to Azure under the Point To Site Configuration. If you want to go through the Certificate creation and exporting process refer… Read more »

Create a Root Certificate and Client Certificate for configuring Point to Site VPN

This can be done in two ways like, PowerShell way and the Makecert.¬†We will look at the PowerShell way and see how to create a Root Certificate and Client Certificate and then export the Client certificate for distributing with the VPN Users. We are performing all these activity on a… Read more »

Application Gateway with Internal Load Balancer Configuration

We will look at different¬† deployment scenario today. Which would be a couple of web servers configured under and Internal Load balancer and published through an application gateway with WAF configured. So below are the systematic approach we would be following. Step 01 – Complete the required VNet and Subnet… Read more »