Understand the Windows OS names with its version numbers

This list will become a handy note if you are dealing with Microsoft System Center products especially System Center Configuration manager. Version Number OS Name Microsoft Windows NT Workstation 5.1 Windows XP Microsoft Windows NT Workstation 5.2 Windows XP x64 Microsoft Windows NT Workstation 6.0 Windows Vista Microsoft Windows NT… Read more »

How to resolve source file missing error while adding features/roles in Server 2012

If you are trying to add certain roles/features in Windows Server 2012 you will see the below error. “Do you need to specify an alternate source path? One or more installation selections are missing source files on the destination server. The server will try to get missing source files from… Read more »

How to Set BGInfo to Display Only The Active Network Card’s IP Address

BGinfo is the best tool to display computer information on the desktop wallpaper but customizing it for the actual need is pretty hard unless you know the windows functions in deep level. BGInfo has custom keys defined for common use but sometimes we will need to dig some deeper for… Read more »

Address lookup is failed and Emails are not recieving on Blackberry

It’s a most common issue if you are working in a Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) environment. If you are a BES Admin you will probably receive calls from users stating that they are not receiving emails and even the address look has failed to fetch the address from GAL. How… Read more »

Re-connected Mailbox is not showing up in GAL or not active in Exchange 2010

For instance imagine that you have a disabled mailbox in Exchange server 2010 which you need to be reconnected back for some reason. Now you are reconnecting the mailbox to its user objects using the Exchange management console. Now here is the problem! You will see the mailbox as disabled… Read more »