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HCI – DELL EMC VxRail 4.5 Installation and configuration demo

Dell EMC VxRail is one if the Hyper-Converged Infrastructure vendor on the list. Today we will look at the VxRail 4.5 version installation and configuration on an interactive step by step demo. On this demo, you will deploy a cluster with 3 nodes initially and perform all the basic configurations and then… Read more »

Optimize the Veeam backup’s storage size using Bitlooker feature

Bitlooker feature was introduced in Veeam Backup & Replication few years ago. it is a the feature used to fine tune and optimize the veeam backup storage size. Bitlooker is a patent-pending data protection technology from Veeam. “The first part of BitLooker was introduced in Veeam Backup & Replication back a… Read more »

How to upload the Exported Root Certificate on Azure for Point to Site configuration

We have seen how to generate a Root certificate and export the certificate to Cer and stored it securely. Now we will look at how to install/upload this certificate to Azure under the Point To Site Configuration. If you want to go through the Certificate creation and exporting process refer… Read more »

Create a Root Certificate and Client Certificate for configuring Point to Site VPN

This can be done in two ways like, PowerShell way and the Makecert. We will look at the PowerShell way and see how to create a Root Certificate and Client Certificate and then export the Client certificate for distributing with the VPN Users. We are performing all these activity on a… Read more »