Review – Altaro Hyper-V Backup

Altaro Hyper-V backup solution is best suitable for an SMB and it provides most of the enterprise class features with the ability to store your data on cloud. It also provides an offsite backup for a DR purpose with the help of it’s built in Wan-Acceleration.

Altaro Hyper-V Backup Dashboard

Altaro Hyper-V Backup Dashboard


When we look at the restoration methods it has two type such as a Full VM restore or a granular file restore. Again the granular recovery will let you restore a single file from a VM or a single item recovery from your Exchange mailbox.

File Server Restore - File Level Restore

File Level Restore 

Exchange Mailbox Restore

Scanning Exchange EDB files from VM for restore

File Server Restore - Browsing VM

Browsing a VM for file level restore

Exchange Mailbox Restore - Single Item

Exchange Single item restore

Altaro - Retension Policy

Altaro – Retension Policy


Altaro Hyper-V backup also offers ReverseDelta feature for taking backup – By using ReverseDelta technology, multiple backup versions will require less space on your backup drive as it only save the changes between each version of a changed file.

For data integrity Altaro Hyper-V backup has a feature called Sandbox restore where it will do a a VM data integrity test by restoring the VMs to an isolated storage and this task can be scheduled too. It also has a feature called Boot from backup drive – This will let you boot from a VM that you already have backed up but there is a limitation that this feature will support only for the VMs that not compressed and encrypted.

Altaro - Sandbox Restore

Altaro – Sandbox Restore

Altaro - Sandbox Restore from available VM backup

Altaro – Sandbox Restore from available VM backup

Altaro - VM Boot From Backup

Altaro – VM Boot From Backup

It support multiple version of Microsoft OS support you can check it here and understand it’s compatibility. Read more

Altaro Editions - Comparision

Altaro Editions – Comparision


Advantages of Altaro Hyper-V backup

1. Quick and easy to setup.
2. Nice dashboards for monitoring your backup.
3. Requires less space for retaining multiple backup sets.
4. Sandbox restore – Automated VM restore after backup for testing purpose. That boosts confidence in backup.
5. Central Management Console
6. Competitive pricing when compared to other enterprise class solutions.
7. VM Compression & Encryption.


Altaro Hyper-v backup is not pricey and provides great features to secure your production data on Microsoft Hyper-V clusters. Another plus of this application is, it provides an offsite backup as a DR over a WAN/Internet connection and this will enable your DR without spending much.  However it has No support for Tape Drive backup – So no Disk-to-tape backup is possible. Tape backup is still an unavoidable in Data Centers as the tape backup copies are considered and used as an offsite copy because tape backups have a proven longevity of 30 years.

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